The Rail Road, Highway, Tourist, Training School and Cathedral Grove Improvement Plain

by ShawnMcanerin,

Our much needed Train System, Highway, Tourist Areas, and Cathedral Grove are in much needed (Upgrading). I have a vision and plan that will create many New Jobs, Partnerships, Training School for Train Preservation, History,Future and Training for New Train Tourist Jobs and Train Shipping. Our Highway can have a New Route and offer better services towards our Commercial Traffic. Renaming our Cathedral Grove and how it can be changed to a World Class Tourist Area with New Resort, Mountain Bike / Hiking Areas. Opening up the Train System to Victoria. Jobs and New Opportunities involving First Nations, Business Partnerships, Enhanced Forestry Managements. Port Alberni has been a major player in Canada's Forest Industry and Shipping Industry. Port Alberni has given Canada huge amounts of revenue throughout its history and our train and highway has never been upgraded to the levels of what it should be today.We need improvements, jobs, and protection from our history to our future. We need to Win First Prize. 

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Consultation has concluded