Hyro Electric power from the Somass

by Getsmart,

The Somass river could be a source of hydro electric power for Port Alberni. The Somass river is a huge potentail of energy that will be tapped becuase it is environmetally friendly  and efficient.   A dam is not necessary becuase the power would be generated from submersible smart generators attached to an anchor line. Each line would have X amount of generators producing electricity very economically. There would be need for consulting fisheries however  considering the widith of the somass maybe we could share the river. It could be possible to align the anchor cable to one side of the river more suited to power generation while leaving the other side completelty untouched. By making the generators smart, they would self monitor , report the amount of power generation and log hours in use for maintainence. There could sevral of these strings in the somass all engineeered to be as environmentally friendly as possible providing port alberni with a local power source. This does not only apply to Allberni for there are several cities in need of power with rivers to help. This is a very viable solution to our growing energy needs.

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Consultation has concluded