Dancing With Salmon 20/20 project with built in speech enabled Hands free, eyes free automated Virtual attendant

by CJ,

BACK GROUND: In 2010 the community won the World fishing networks Ultimate Fishing Town Contest. Our communities volunteered and came together for an enormous task and got the job done over a few months of hard work and broad community support that reached around the world and put Port Alberni on the map. We accomplished this goal because of community volunteers and others who believed in us and volunteered their support. It brought our communities together towards a valued shared goal like no other and no other initiative has done since. 


Change our narrative from the Worst place to live to the Ultimate place to live... that DID. Get people to stop in Port Alberni. Talking about Port Alberni positively and leave a memorable impression in the minds of the traveling public.

Involve the community in the old fashioned and ancient way by volunteering to bring this community together where we all participate in "The Spirit Of Harmony and Solidarity" building relationships and community & take pride in ownership and be a driver of community spirit leaving a lasting legacy behind you can tell your grandchildren you helped be a part of and helped build without burdening municipal coffers.

Kick start revitalization projects to realize our potentials leading for further economic development opportunities and build on synergies

Facilitate development by public and financial investment to demonstrate to private business owners and developers and politicians that the community recognizes the importance to rejuvenate and to expand economic opportunities.

Facilitate high quality in high visibility areas perfect complimentary attractions to existing infrastructure and spaces in need of revitalization that promote synergies and entice further exploration and economic development and enterprising minds. Invest in our selves

Improve inclusiveness and functionality to a well used spaces that serves the greater needs in the broader community and to users.

Invite strategic partners to learn more and help find the relationships and partnerships needed to realize this an important concept.

Initiate speech enabled technology automated attendant & virtual assistant accessible by speech for key identified areas that improves experiences for visitors with tailored messages for business hours, after hours & special events. Customized based on the day of the week & time of day. Hands free, eyes free. 

Be a model to follow.

MISSION: Place make. Treasured spaces connecting with technology welcoming all and offering dynamic eclectic experiences through partnerships and programs that inspire discovery and wonder. It demands creative minds and bold leadership and a highly motivated people to untap potential and reimagine what being the Ultimate fishing town truly means and place make. A place where people from all walks of life, all points of views and all ethnicities can come together, celebrate who they are. A keeper of traditions and creator of new ones. A true Port Alberni partner scaling that mountain together. Set the bar high and go beyond expectations. To look to the past not for what we were but what we could be that demands the best of us everyday.


Kick start the implementation of Twenty identified, achievable projects community wide either "started" or "completed" by 2020 with built in technology. Facilitated by the community, volunteerism and partnerships at Clutesi Haven uplands and boat launch, Victoria Quay/Johnston, Tyee Landing/Tyee Pier. The corner of Stamp/Roger. Entrance to Port Alberni. Paramount theatre, Train station. Consideration of an inclusive maker space enterprise for creative, inventive minds who don't have the capital for start up costs to help contribute to this community.

1) CLUTESI MARINA UPLANDS - Build a forever lasting, one of a kind, low maintenance, interactive 30 foot stainless steel jumping chinook water feature section by section. Scale by scale by purchasing signatured scales throughout the community by donations and grant fundings. The land mark will be uplit with colored or clear lights, seated in an indigenous designed basin of water and consideration of the indigenous words written in stone "In The Spirit Of Harmony and Solidarity". A water feature that becomes a local and tourist attraction in its own right and denotes and celebrates the sites important cultural values in the community and to our Nuu chah nulth nations. A feature that meets the road and the boardwalk and a high volume of traffic that leaves a memorable impression. Locally sculpted by the artistic expertise of a local company that employs locals and is already committed to building it. This will take approx a year to build as we watch it take shape with interest knowing we helped build this symbolic sculpture and be a part of long lasting history and place making while employing locals

2) CLUTESI MARINA UPLANDS - Build A one of a kind Undersea Garden educating and showcasing diversity and spirit looking to our salmon as our guide. Our 5 species of salmon will be swimming in a school charting the same course in their home together. These fiberglass realistic salmon will be suspended 8 feet in the air held up by clear or stainless rods. Beneath the salmon will lay out parts of our inlet and river with boulder and gravel sea bed and naturalized landscapings featuring varied aquatic species cemented in place that will grow over time. Natural seating areas that give one the feel they are sitting under the sea. An educational speech enabled kiosk with a map of the inlet and river indicating closed areas to fin fishing and DFO information

3) CLUTESI MARINA UPLANDS - A covered timbered gathering space on the perimeter of the green space to facilitate events, or for relaxing enjoyment or just eating your lunch. Built by community partnership and grant funding

4) CLUTESI MARINA UPLANDS - On the perimeter of the green space, An architectural wooden timbered building that houses a live feed to the stamp salmon counters, facilitates free shared meeting space, washrooms, retail space, a small kitchen with a serving window for a culinary program that doles out diplomas and serves up real life job experiences that features local foods with a signature UFT fish burger or leased commercial space. Built by a partnership and grant funding

5) CLUTESI MARINA UPLANDS - Near the board walk, A wooden kiosk with map of Port Alberni and marks the spot one is at with an interactive speech enabled automated attendant & tsunami map for higher ground and history of the tsunami and our tsunami warning system with speech enabled automated attendant able to listen to our test or warning sounds

6) CLUTESI MARINA UPLANDS WEIGH STATION - On the back of the building, Place a vinyl photo of the after effects of the tsunami in that spot with plaque that educates and celebrates our "resourceful" community.

7) BOAT LAUNCH - Alleviation of congestion and wait times. An inexpensive new exit and entrance only for bus tours and people going to the Clutesi uplands. A new exit for boat launchers utilizing existing boat launch entrance and exiting same only for boat launchers at the far end of launch. New painted directional lines at the launch. This would entail lopping off a bulging boulevard and one tree to widen entrance/exit to the launch.

8) STERLING DOG PARK - An RFP done for the Sterling dog park on River rd for a cultural, tourist orientated, recreational, commercial, enterprising and educational space that facilitates some overnight RV parking, a band shell furthering economic development and synergies in the area. A welcoming people place. Establish a new dog park.

9) JOHNSTON - Refurbish Ultimate fishing town sign. (Already in motion) Incorporate a small directional and event sign for the traveling public indicating <---Harbour/River--> (That way)

10) CORNER JOHNSTON & VICTORIA QUAY - Two realistic life size carved bears . One with fish in mouth, one a cub following along in a low maintenance naturalized bouldered landscape. Create a collaborative indigenous designed community clock.

11) CORNER ROGER/STAMP AVE - A bouldered, low maintenance landscaping able to facilitate the community events banners above

12) TYEE LANDING - Low maintenance year round Educational Static banner project featuring our aquatic species painted on cut out metal by established artists. eg: A cluster of crabs, prawns, a single ling cod, a red snapper, salmon species, a jelly fish etc that leads one to the water and Tyee Pier with seasonal flower baskets. A scenic mural painted on the fuel tank or colorful vinyl picture.

13) TYEE LANDING - Several non profits consider transferring management of the upland landing with a mandate and a board to collaboratively create a peoples landing with laser focus for facilitating inclusiveness setting the bar high, determined to make the new space we love go beyond expectations and not just the landing itself but the entire organization. A future treasure welcoming all and offering dynamic and eclectic experiences through partnerships and programs that inspire discovery and wonder. It demands creative minds and bold leadership and a highly motivated board to untap potential and re-imagine what being a peoples landing truly means and place make a place where people from all walks of life and all walks of views and all ethnicities can come together. eg: Markets, Car shows, toy run, festivals, parades, fairs, outdoor artistic performers, cultural activities, artisians, outdoor movies. This will provide synergies and help facilitate new developments and businesses in the area to grow and will require more than a modest update. A true people place free of charge and accessible to all.

14)TYEE LANDING - Build a cantilevered gazebo with sliding weather doors for buskers and performers to be viewed both on and off the water and seen from the harbour quay.

15) TYEE PIER - (Managed by the Port authority) New welcoming signage for the floating Tyee pier

16) TYEE PIER - A secure New floating purpose built building on pier incorporated with a fish weighing station with cleaning trough on pier with seating outside that facilitates and aids events, administration of programs held to enjoy the views from the water or participate in events. Acts as an anchor and business incubator to grow realestate values on the pier and draws people to it. Able to drive up by boat or by foot and relax and enjoy the views or use the facility or other pop up businesses that have joined as floating neighbors on the water. A welcoming building that denotes and celebrates history in the area and information to over night or weekly transient boaters or those using the fuel station and the general public.

17) TRAIN STATION - A welcoming maker space for innovative, social enterprisers who cannot afford startup costs with donated tools and materials and expertise to get them started and share knowledge and collaborations to build projects for the community and to market product. Look for a larger building to grow this enterprise and an innovation institution for creative minds and hands for adults and kids.

18) HARBOUR QUAY - Initiate a purpose focused RFP for the marine buildings

19) PARAMOUNT THEATRE - Volunteers and donated paints to paint the outside of the building in a cohesive color selected by city architect with highlighted architectural features and letter sent to corporation to adhere to community standards.

20) ENTRANCE TO TOWN - Raise up and finish the "Welcome To The Alberni Valley" sign and landscape its surroundings.

Consideration for a Tag line for Port Alberni. "Ultimately resourceful" = In the end we have the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. Clever,. Inventive, creative, resourceful. We value our resources and are ultimately resourceful. ---> We are the Ultimate place to live, work, play and invest. Ultimate people, Ultimate place and repeat the message that we are the Ultimate in every way and why..

Consideration to set city standards bylaws for main commercial corridors to be adhered to

Consideration of an under 18 ft non motorized & motorized craft launch at Canal waterfront park

Host a kick off of an all inclusive cultural dinner and traditional feasts on salmon on Clutesi grounds to kick off the start of Dancing with salmon 20/20 to celebrate goals and relationship building in the "Spirit Of Harmony And Solidarity" Hold a name that fish contest. Nothing brings people together like a salmon dinner and food and a contest

Will you join me in considering scaling that mountain together and commit to changing the narrative of the Worst place to live to the Ultimate fishing town.. That did!. "Ultimately resourceful". "Resourceful in Nature". Future planning set the bar high and continue to go beyond expectations where collective spaces and co-operation and community building will always accomplish more. Let's spread the message through media sources there is something "fishy" going on in Port Alberni and keep building all of us up together

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